WellWriting For Health After Trauma and Abuse

The Print Book
160 pages

Do you sometimes feel thankful that even though you have escaped the past trauma and abuse in your life, you find yourself strangely “stuck?”

Do you feel that you have more health problems than friends who’ve never been in a traumatic or abusive situation, the way you were? Maybe you feel that you just can’t get your life back together.

If you—or someone you support—is a domestic violence survivor who struggles with health and life challenges, Dr. T’s new book is for you .

buy now the paperback version of WellWriting by Dr Ellen Talieferro, only $19.95.

“WellWriting” is a form of expressive writing or journaling that has been shown to improve health.

WellWriting for Health will show you five simple WellWriting Ways you can follow to transform your life from being stuck as a survivor to thriving as a victor.

Order your copy of Dr. T’s new book now—and start writing for your health and well being.

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"This is a very compelling book. I like the voice and the examples from Dr. Taliaferro's life in emergency medicine."

--Jennie Walsh

Parkland Hospital Foundation, Dallas


"This delightful book was a surprise: pithy and full of nuggets. The writing is crystal clear and the wisdom in the book is very gently communicated. This self-help book is needed and welcome. The book tells about other resources that the reader can use to learn even more about health after trauma and abuse."

--Perri O'Shaughnessy

New York Times best-selling author

buy now the paperback version of WellWriting by Dr Ellen Talieferro, only $19.95.


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